Successfully Change your Habits for Good

Make regular exercise a habits

Many of us have developed habits during lockdown to help us manage our stress and boredom such as overeating and lots of time watching TV.  Changing habits is tough work.

In the short term we have all heard stories and watched shows about the body transformations but what happens in the long term?  By some estimates, 80% of people who successfully lose at least 10% of their body weight will gradually regain it to end up as large or even larger than they were before they went on a diet (webMD, Oct 14, 2016) .

Why are new habits such as eating healthier and becoming more active so hard to maintain? The answer goes back to the way our brains are structured.  Psychotherapy Networker (How the Evolution of the Human Brain has Led to the Existence of the Triune Brain) divides the brain into 3 parts:

  • Reptilian brain: responsible for homeostasis, and reproduction
  • "Old-mammal"brain:involved with learning, memory, and emotion
  • "New-mammal" brain: conscious thought and self-awareness

Our brains like habits, they don't require lots of energy and they are efficient.  Our habits lye in the deeper parts of our brains which is why they are so ingrained. I love the analogy of a path in the forest, an old habit is like a well-worn path with lots of space and no obstacles and creating a new habit is a path with overgrowth trees, roots and bugs. 

Tips to successfully establish a new habit:

  • Plan for the long-haul: know that when you form a new habit you are breaking in a new pathway in your brain which takes effort and time
  • Get support: having someone that you are accountable to will keep you on-track.  Call Vintage Fitness at (866) 471-0109 to
  • Determine when your will-power is strongest: willpower is a muscle that will grow when you use it, when during the day is your willpower strongest?

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Good Luck!


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