More Isolation and Cooler Temperatures Will Make You Weaker

Covid and the weather are making exercising outdoors harder

Get stronger and improve your stamina with a FREE virtual training session

The news is full of information about a potential "second wave" of CoVid, the weather is starting to turn cooler which makes exercising outdoors harder and you are already feeling weak and tired.

Vintage Fitness would like to offer you a FREE virtual training session to keep you strong and healthy during this difficult fall and winter.

Frequency Asked Questions about virtual training:

I am not "tech savy", what technology do I need to make virtual training successful?

If you have a tablet or computer and wifi then great. If not we can provide you with all of the tech and training needed.

Virtual Training won't work- it's just not the same as in person: 

Virtual training is different than in person training but we are amazed at the strength, stamina and weight loss clients have achieved with virtual personal training. Have a look at the video below for a client's perspective

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Good Luck!


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