Give Your Parents Strength and Energy This Year with in Home Personal Training

Depressed elders during holidays

Last Minute Gift of Strength and Balance to the Senior in Your Life

Ok so its December 23rd and you still haven’t found a gift for your parents that will have a real impact for them in 2023.  One idea is the Vintage Fitness roadmap to health trial program. 

The program is designed to:

  1. Help your parents better understand where they are starting from with a full assessment including balance, strength, joint range of motion, posture and cardiovascular health
  2. Meet with a seniors fitness expert in their home to see if it could be a fit for them
  3. Get them started with a personalized exercise plan
  4. Build their at home gym with an exercise band and ball mailed to them as a part of the program

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PS. If you are tapped out right now but think this program would be great for your parents like our Instagram page for a chance to win a free roadmap to health program:


Vintage Fitness

Vintage Fitness is a personal training company in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in energizing the lives of people over 50 with exercise.