Spring Ready Knees. Step by Step

Exercise to help reduce knee pain

A big thanks to Vintage Fitness trainer, Jen for her blog last week all about the DOs and DONTs of what to do if you have arthritic knees.  This week I would like to follow up on her blog and show you all of the exercises that she recommends step by step.

1. Arthritic Knees

Symptoms: Swelling, stiffness, crackling, inflammation, trouble standing and sitting, locking

Exercise Do's:  half squats, standing butt-kicks

Half squat video:

Standing butt-kick video:

2. Wonky/Achey Knees

Symptoms: Ouch! Sometimes it hurts going up the stairs, sometimes down the stairs, sometimes fine, other times not. Can't really think of anything that makes them ache. "They just do sometimes"

Exercise Do's: Foam roll to release the tension in the surrounding muscle tissue (you'll be amazed at how the discomfort goes away almost instantly), squat, leg press, forward lunges, reverse lunges, etc. – really no limitations here if the discomfort subsides with the foam rolling.

Foam roller video IT band release:

A Vintage Fitness regular blog reader recently asked me about how to get up off the floor when you have painful knees.  There is no easy solution to this question but next week I will show you how to use props such as pillows to help.

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Good Luck!


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