At Home Exercises to Prevent Falls

Exercise tips to improve your balance and reduce the risk of falling during winter

Winter storm weather is upon us here in Toronto which can make the roads slippery and dangerous.  This blog is the second in a series of fall prevention exercises that you can do at home with no equipment.  A big thank you to Vintage Fitness trainers Karel Van Dam and Jen Couto for providing the exercises.

  • Rock the boat.  This weight shift exercise from one leg to the other simulates a gust of wind knocking you off balance
  • Push from behind. Take an exaggerated step forward and return to start pushing off the front heel
  • Squat with a hold: Have a friend gently push on your shoulders while you are in a squat to ensure that you are using your core and challenging your stabilizing muscles.
    • Change your stance to a split stance to made it harder
    • Go lower in your split stance to make it even harder

Video :

The key to balance training is to challenge your balance in a safe environment, build the strength in your legs, ankles and feet and don’t relay solely on your visual balance.  Next week I will go through some balance exercises for situations where you can’t easily see such as carrying a box or laundry basket or in snowy weather.

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