Get up from the floor more easily

Exercises to get up from the floor more easily

Getting up off the floor for older people is a key part of independence ensuring that they can properly clean their homes, play with young grandchildren and get up if they fall.  Vintage Fitness personal training clients are often worried about getting down on the floor when our trainers first start working with them because they are worried that they won’t be able to get back up.  We understand this real fear and work with clients to strengthen the key muscles used in getting up off the floor before having them do it.

Key movements needed for getting up off the floor

  1. Roll Over to your side: Need strong shoulders and core muscles
  2. Push up to a seated position: Need strong shoulder and chest muscles
  3. Shifting to your hands and knees (all fours): Need agility and strong chest muscles
  4. Stepping one foot forward: Need glute and leg strength
  5. Standing up: Need good balance and leg strength

Do 10 repetitions of each of these exercises 3 times through for 5 weeks before trying to get up from the floor.

Squats (for leg strength

Push up (for chest)

Glute strength

Arm and balance

Core strength

Once you have done the 5 exercises above 10 repetitions, 3 times through for 5 weeks and have someone with you for safety try getting down and up from the floor using tips from the video below.

Getting up from the floor

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Good Luck!


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