How you exercise is as important as what exercises you are doing. Toronto

The Perfect Lunge

One of the reasons that working with a personal trainer is so effective is they make sure that you are doing the exercises properly.  Our team of ten personal trainers at Vintage Fitness, an in home personal training company for people over 50,  make sure that each exercise is performed at the right speed and it executed properly.

Good form is important for many reasons:

  • It will make the exercise more effective and ensure that the muscle that you are trying to work is working!
  • Good form reduces the chance of injury while exercising

A lunge is a great exercise for the legs and gluts.  It is one of the most common exercises that people get wrong. 

The form problems often include

  • Leaning too far forward which can put pressure on the low back.
  • Having the feet too close together with results in the front knee not lining up with the front ankle which puts force on the front knee
  • Going down too deep or not deep enough- you should look for a 90 degree angle in both knees
  • Doing the lunges too quickly is a good cardiovascular exercise but to really work your leg and glut muscles it should take you 4-6 seconds to do one lunge

Have a look at Wendy, one of the Vintage Fitness personal trainers doing a walking lunge and Dee another one of our trainers coaching her through it


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