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The traditional image of personal training is a buff twenty something trainer asking clients to ‘drop down and give them 20 push-ups’.  The world of personal training has changed in the last ten years to a place with trainers specialized in pre and post natal care, weight loss and active aging to name a few.   If you have a complicated health history, low motivation or haven’t exercised in years don’t be intimidated to work with a personal trainer. 

A few questions to ask yourself before hiring a personal trainer:

  1. What do you want to get out of the sessions? What are your fitness goals?

One of the benefits of working with a trainer is developing and tracking fitness goals.  Pick a goal that will impact your life as opposed to focusing solely on the number on a scale.  How about training for a trip that you are planning, reducing the pain in your knees so you can walk more or sleep better or trying a new sport or activity.

  1. What personality style do you find motivating? You will spend quite a bit of time with your personal trainer and it is important that you find them motivating and enjoyable to be with.  Do you like people who motivate by example, a trainer whose positive energy gets you through the session or maybe a trainer that diligently tracks and reports your progress works best for you.  Knowing what style you find most inspiring will set you up to stick with your exercise program.
  2. What is stopping you now? Without judging or blaming yourself spend some time thinking about what is stopping you from exercising now.  Is it lack of motivation? Being unsure of which exercises to do? Pain?  Your trainer choice may be different depending on your answer.
  3. What could interfere with success?  Some days it will be harder to exercise than others but if you think through what could get in your way and plan around it you will break through your barriers to exercise.  What happens if it is raining on the morning of a planned walk; your appointment went 30 minutes over; an old injury flares up? A good trainer should ask you what could interfere with your success and plan around it.
  4. What qualifications and references do they have? All personal trainers in Canada need to be certified.  Ask to see their certifications and to call a past client for a reference.  If you are an older adult make sure that they have specialized training and well as experience working with any health conditions or injuries that you have.

Good luck


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