Stay balance this spring

Good Morning! I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather in Toronto.  A Vintage Fitness client emailed me this week and asked what the best exercises were to maintain her balance. 

Balance is a combination of leg strength, ankle strength and mobility, core strength and vision.  If you are having balance issues make sure that you get your eyes checked and if you are having dizzy spells check with your doctor.

It is important to try lots of different types of balance exercises to challenge your body in different ways as well as targeting your legs and core.

Here are a few balance exercises which aren't often done.

Walking toe to heel

Walking toe to heel

This exercise always reminds me of the "walk the line" drill that you see police officers in movies ask actors to do.  Simply walk in a straight line connecting your heels and toes.  Do this beside a wall in case you loose your balance.

Rock the boat

Rock the boat

This exercise will work your heart, balance and strength your hips.  Standing behind a chair lift you leg from one side to the other like a pendulum.  To make it more of a balance challenge slow the exercise down.

Caterpillar walk

Caterpillar walk

CAUTION: This exercise is tough one and should only be done if you have a relatively strong core and no issues with your blood pressure.  

It will strength your shoulders, core and stretch your hamstrings.  Start from a standing position and walk your hands forward on the ground until you are in push-up position then walk your feet to your hands.

Good Luck!


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