Exercises to ease lower back and leg pain

Exercises for discomfort in lower backs and backs of legs.

One of the main areas of discomfort for older adult clients is their lower backs and backs of their legs.  The cause of their pain is often because their hamstring muscles (back of the upper leg) are weak and tight.  These muscles are usually ignored and the body becomes imbalanced with the front of the leg overdeveloped and the backs of the legs under-developed.

An easy way to train your hamstrings at home is by using elastic resistance.


  • stand up tall to start
  • Do this exercise near a wall in case you lose your balance
  • Loop or tie the elastic resistance around one foot and step on the band so that you feel resistance when you curl your leg up
  • Do the exercise 8-10 times on either side

If you need help with this exercise don’t hesitate to drop me a note erin@vintagefitness.ca.  If you live  in the Greater Toronto Area one of the Vintage Fitness trainers can come to your home and set up a full exercise program for you.

Good Luck

Erin Billowits

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