Traditional weight training methods are not the best way to gain functional strength


In the fitness world the most common training methods is called progressive resistance training which means starting with small weight and slowly building up with many repetitions is not the best way to make gains in every day functional movements such as sitting in and out of a chair, gait speed and stair climbing. A study in the Journals of Gerontology Studies called “ Have we oversold the benefit of late life exercise?” showed that traditional training improved strength, joint range of motion and body composition but did not improve functional movements. The best way to train for function is spending time with your personal trainer to understand what movements you would like to improve, breaking down the movement and training specifically for it.

One example is a trip to China that a Vintage Fitness Toronto based client recently went on which required lots of stair climbing. We started slow and built the strength in the leg muscles, worked up to shallow wide steps, progressed to steps using the hand rails and then graduated to climbing stairs with a light grip on the handrail.

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