Exercise makes me have to pee- exercise and incontinence

Ok so this is a topic that is not found in many health and fitness blogs but talking to clients it is a real issue that needs to be discussed.
The pelvic floor (PFM) is a hammock of muscles that connect the pubis bone at the front to the tailbone (coccyx) and “sitz” bones (ischial tuberosities) at he back. The pelvic floor supports the bladder as well as the reproductive
organs and connects the hip bones and the sacrum. The urethra, vagina and rectum pass through these muscles and are affected by their function.
Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to to low back, pelvis and/or hip pain or urinary incontinence. The
solution; relax or turn off the posterior pelvic muscles and fire up or increase your connection to the entire pelvic floor sling.
65% of people that think that they know how to contract their PFM’s are doing it incorrectly.

Try these exercises:
Lie on your back or side or sit with the spine in a neutral posture.
- Firmly palpate your abdomen 1‐2 inches inside of your hip bones.
- If you are not sure what image to use try one of the following:
¤ Think about the muscles around your urethra / vagina or the muscles that draw your testicles up and then
gently and slowly lifting the urethra, vagina or testicles up and forward into your abdomen.
¤ Think about the muscles around your anus and think about closing them (same motion you do after
completing a bowel movement).
¤ Think about a guy wire or line from the anus up to the back of your pubic bone and connect along this line.
If the connection is successful you will feel a response in the deep abdominal wall and the contraction should feel

A few other tips:

1. If you are a woman with this issue try putting in a tampon before exercise which will help to support the bladder

2. Connect your pelvic floor exercise to something such as red lights or brushing your teeth

3. You need to do more than you think--200 per day is recommended.


Good Luck


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