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Personal Trainer Anthony Cheam, Burlington area, ON

Anthony Cheam

Personal Trainer Burlington

In home training & Virtual training.


  • Graduate from Fanshawe College - Fitness and Health Promotion program
  • Personal Trainer for 16 years. Certified Master Life Coach - Robbins-Madanes
  • Center for Strategic Intervention
  • Author of the books "The ABCs of Life - Living a Life of POWER, PURPOSE, and PASSIONI!" and "YOU 2.0" to be released early next year.
  • Course facilitator for The ABCs of Life online course to be released in January, 2016
  • Course facilitator for the YOU 2.0 online course to be released spring 2016.
  • Speaker - YouTube TEDx Chatham-Kent - "YOU 2.0!"

Anthony talks about his approach

My name is Anthony Cheam and I am a life coach, personal trainer, speaker and author of the books "The ABCs of Life" and "YOU 2.0." I have been in the fitness, health and coaching field since 1999. My deepest desire is to continually serve individuals and groups to become the absolutely best version of themselves through the various strategies and methods I teach.

I am constantly looking and studying the latest breakthroughs and trends in the peak performance and critical transformation fields, so that I may share the best tools and insights with my clients. To your health, wealth and happiness! 

Map of Service Area

Anthony trains seniors in the Burlington area.

What His Clients Say

Anthony has been my personal trainer for the past 8 years. During this time I have benefited from Anthony’s expertise and his continual journey towards excellence in providing me with an overall healthy lifestyle program of physical, emotional and spiritual growth that has met my personal needs over the years. Anthony is a continual student and teacher always bettering his knowledge and putting into action the benefits of his learning through his fitness program and communications. 
One of Anthony’s strengths is in providing a program that never gets old or stale. He has the capacity of changing things up, making the workouts interesting as well as challenging using new and varied techniques along with different types of fitness equipment. With Anthony you get more than a physical trainer of the body. When I went through a radical prostatectomy Anthony was there providing me with not only a fitness program that met my needs to keep active, along with keeping me safe from injuring myself , but he was there also as an emotional and spiritual support. 
For those of all ages, I am 70 years old, I highly recommend Anthony Cheam to be your personal trainer.

Burlington, ON

Anthony is a phenomenal trainer and coach. He has helped me to reach great levels of health and fitness that I could not have reached without his training and motivation.

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